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Carbon tandem Double D

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Carbon tandem Double DImmediately the fastest with 52.3 km/h!! (~32.6 mile/h) Set during the Cycle Vision and World Championships event in Lelystad, the Netherlands. The carbon tandem with two 700 C wheels took the first place for unfaired recumbents in the one hour race with an average that was app.1,3 km (0.8 mile) faster than the next tandem. This spectaculair 100% carbon back-to-back tandem of just 19 kilogrammes is the newest product from M5 Recumbents.The riders were captain Bram Moens (1956) and stoker Björn Frank (1976). Pictures by Jens Seemann and Danny Siepman.

Sorry, not for sale: one time project!
Carbon tandem Double DCarbon tandem Double DCarbon tandem Double DCarbon tandem Double DCarbon tandem Double D
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