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What distinguishes M5 Recumbents from other recumbent manufacturers?

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  • M5 Recumbents is established in 1983 and is therefore one of the oldest recumbent companies in the world.

  • M5 Recumbents owns several world records, which is unique in Europe. Among our sixteen! world records is the prestigious world hour record and the 100 km record. The records are achieved with a standard M5 Carbon and/or M5 Cr-Mo Low Racers recumbents, so no specials! This is a great advantage for our customers, which are able to use the same types of M5 Recumbents as the ones on which the records are estabished.

  • M5 Recumbents is the only Dutch brand of recumbents which ever got the title "Bike of the Year" in the Netherlands.

  • The one and only which ever took the first place in the monsterrace "Den Store Styrke Proven", 540 km non-stop from Tronheim to Oslo (Norway).

  • The only recumbent brand in Europe which offers full carbon and titanium recumbents.

  • M5 Recumbents is the only one in the world that publishes figures about efficiency and energy input of each recumbent model.

  • M5 Recumbents offers by far the most divers recumbent and specials assortment, varying from solo folding recumbents via handbikes and carbon and titanium bikes to a dividable recumbent tandem!

  • M5 Recumbents is the authentic designer of the most applied recumbent seat. And whether we like it or not, it's also the most copied/ close related recumbent seat in the world.
    One doesn't even has to look very carefully to see what seat has been taken as a standard by almost all Dutch and non-Dutch recumbent manufacturers. By buying these copies or related products from plagiarism perpetrating producers in f.e. Poland, Tsjechie and China royalties are avoided for the original designer.

  • M5 Recumbents manufactures more than thirty different carbon products. This is rather unique in the recumbent scene. Beside this we have built up a range of around a hundred CNC specials, including EBS, UTA, side pull brake, etc.etc.

  • M5 Recumbents innovates like no other does! Observe our M5 Recumbents Specials page to see why.
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