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The high-end and light weight parts line of M5 for optimizing any racing bike. These parts are currently used world wide for tuning racing bikes in the high-end segment.

The extreme low weight, the high structural integrity, reliability and aesthetics of our high-end line make our brakes, hubs and other parts the logical choice for anyone whi demands a high standard for his or her equipment.

Optimizing with FEM

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The most effective way to determine mass distribution

Optimizing with FEMMany prototypes and lengthy calculations have preceded the final versions of our M5 light weight line. At the basis stood the high-tech drawing software Pro Engineer and Pro Mechanica. The last one contains the Finite Element Method package.

The software offered superb possibilities in developing our products, but most important was the conception of the initial idea and the way each member of our team interacted with this. In other words: the way we observed the characteristics of each part as starting point. We think this was expressed especially in the brakes. However, innovations also took place at areas which are not directly visible, but do contribute to more efficient manufacturing techniques.

We can conclude that after all the intensive calculations, we have reached a limit at what is technically feasible, given the currently available alloys. An exponentially lighter future product is not an option any more. Naturally we have a build-in margin of safely, but that's a necessity in order to maintain reliability, durability and last but not least the safety of the user!

Considering all this, we may assume that other brands will also get aware of these very lightly built components. For now, our customers are the first to have the advantage!

M5 Winner Aluminium Award 2006

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Recognition of innovative nature of M5

M5 Winner Aluminium Award 2006September 20 2006 M5 Recumbents won the prestigious European Aluminium Award in the category "Innovation" at "Consumer /End products". M5 participated in this competition with the M5 light weight side pull brake designed by Bram Moens.

55 important names from the European industry like Audi, Porsche, Lotus, Castelli etc. were passed by the well thought and innovative M5 design. The result was that several members of the jury from industry and Technical Universities gave a unanimous vote for M5 Recumbents.

More on the award at the item about our light weight brakes.
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