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Pictures Cycle Vision 2003

June 1st, 2003To the top
Pictures Cycle Vision 2003Large picture: one hand on the handle bar, it's that easy to win the three hour race. Werner de Hamer racing to be first on his M5 Low Racer.

Small pictures from left to right:

  • Once again Werner de Hamer
  • Werner de Hamer, Bram Moens and Seppe Hoogzaad, ready for the quarter mile
  • Werner and Bram during the accelaration of the quarter mile
  • The youngest M5 participant David van der Laan during the one hour race

Pictures Cycle Vision 2003Pictures Cycle Vision 2003Pictures Cycle Vision 2003Pictures Cycle Vision 2003

Good results for M5 on Cycle Vision 2003

June 1st, 2003To the top
Good results for M5 on Cycle Vision 2003Once again good results for the M5 racing team on the international event Cycle Vision.

Note the difference between the number one and two of the one hour race. Bram Moens (1956) versus Edwin van Vugt (1981) with app. 10 km difference in just one hour! Edwin used the fairing of the world record holder from the German Speedbike Team, but nevertheless did not succeed in beating Bram Moens.

The M5 team never got the chance until now to make a record attempt on the same recordtrack of Opel which is used by the German Speedbike Team.

This result shows clearly the potential of this M5 fairing versus the current "recordholder".

The M5 Team managed to conquer three 1st places during the Cycle Vision event, two 2nd places, three 3rd places, two 4th places and one 5th place.

All riders unfaired (only tail fairing). David van der Laan didn't even have a tail fairing on his Shock Proof. Bram only used full fairing during the one hour race, he did the quarter mile unfaired.

name race category result speed M5 type
Werner de Hamer 3 hour race unfaired 1st place 45.0 km/h Carbon Low Racer
Bernard Böhler 3 hour race unfaired 2nd place 44.2 km/h Carbon Low Racer
Marijke Groothaert 3 hour race unfaired ladies 3rd place 36.1 km/h Titanium Low Racer
Marc Vervaet 3 hour race unfaired 4th place 43.5 km/h Cr-Mo Low Racer
Bram Moens 1 hour race faired 1st place 70.6 km/h Cr-Mo Low Racer / fairing
Werner de Hamer 1 hour race unfaired 3rd place* 49.2 km/h Carbon Low Racer
Marc Vervaet 1 hour race unfaired 3th place 47.4 km/h Cr-Mo Low Racer
Edgar Leyten 1 hour race unfaired 4th place 47.1 km/h Cr-Mo Low Racer
Bram Moens Quarter mile unfaired 5th place 52.0 km/h Carbon Low Racer
Werner de Hamer Criterium unfaired 3rd place Carbon Low Racer
David van der Laan** Criterium junior class 1st place 25.3 km/h Shock Proof

* Allert Jacobs and John Poot one place before Werner on their tandem.

** David van der Laan was first in the junior class of the criterium. Before him were two participants, who were 16 years old, which is too old for the junior class.
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