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New carbon rear carriers ready to go!

February 28th, 2014To the top
New carbon rear carriers ready to go!Our "Made in Middelburg" carbon rear carriers are now available for sale at 79 Euro.

Duo M-Racing in Japan

February 5th, 2014To the top

Kazuo Miyakawa with daughter on self assembled M5 M-Racer

Duo M-Racing in JapanDefinitely a deja-vu for me: by the same method my first Greyhound "Shatci" hitched a ride during fast descends in the Italian Dolomites.
Duo M-Racing in Japan

VIKINGTOUR 2014 NORWAY by Bram Moens

January 17th, 2014To the top

Participate in the ultimate mountain race!

VIKINGTOUR 2014 NORWAY by Bram MoensIn 2006 I considered the Viking Tour of that year to be my "final race". This decision was boosted by the following: an 18-year old which finished just behind me only had to, so to speak, take a shower to recover from the effort. I myself felt the mountain trial still in my legs the next morning. I had one excuse: a large generation gap.
Anyway, it's 2014 now and the plan has been conceived to do the amazingly beautiful Viking Tour event once more, but fortunately with the participation of younger M5 CHR users! Up till now four persons will definitely attend, but if other recumbent riders feel drawn, I'll say: subscribe! At the moment there are still around 80 starting places available. A light weight recumbent and good shape are surely going to help you during this tough race. Make sure to check the route on the site of the 2014 edition of the Viking Tour.


What other useful stuff is possible in carbon?

January 13th, 2014To the top

A long version shoehorn for the rest of your life ....

What other useful stuff is possible in carbon?<br />
For me as a hernia patient it's a kind of a must .... Such a trivial product which is called a shoehorn but:

Or they nodded after a period of time (steel)

Or they just tore (plastic)

So in a few lost hours a simple tooling was made to create a large size (60 cm) shoehorn and never again nodding, tearing and hassle!
What other useful stuff is possible in carbon?<br />

New website online showing Bram's images, drawings and some more

January 8th, 2014To the top
New website online showing Bram's images, drawings and some moreFrom very close to very far away and everything in between. Enjoy!

Bram Moens

www.brammoens.nl >>


Very light weight "carrier/fender" developed for M5 CHR and M5 M-Racer models.

December 25th, 2013To the top

And probably as well for other types and brands....

Very light weight The first of several new products to be released this winter: a lightweight carrier/fender. Due to the use of carbon and kevlar, this product is virtually indestructible. The weight is a mere 125 grams (4.4 ounces) and it can carry an M5 17-litre Top Bag easily. Apart from its carrier qualities, it also functions very well as a fender. It is directly mounted to the seat with four M5 bolts and nuts.

Pricing will be announced in late January 2014

Very light weight

Convenient alu/pom brackets for bike computer or GPS.

November 22nd, 2013To the top
Convenient alu/pom brackets for bike computer or GPS. We already did test riding for some time and it proved to be handy: the bike computer and/or GPS below the handle bar instead of on top of it. Improves view and the placement of the hands can remain freely on top of the handle bar. Available in three different lengths (40, 60 and 80 mm) and the brackets are black anodised. Price of the small aluminium "banana" and POM bracket is 10,- (outside EC)
Convenient alu/pom brackets for bike computer or GPS.

M5 celebrates 30th anniversary this month...

November 19th, 2013 

Speeding in hurricane-like conditions

October 29th, 2013To the top

Weather alert, wind force 11-12 on the Beaufort scale, Oosterschelde flood barrier closed, in short: ideal test conditions.

Speeding in hurricane-like conditionsIn 1998 I made a fast sprint along the Veerse Dam on my tailfaired M5 Carbon Low Racer. I hit 78,3 km/h (48.66 mph) back then. Now, over fifteen years later, on another bike, The M5 Carbon High Racer without any fairing but comparable weather conditions, wind speed and wind direction it's time for another try.

Towards the Veerse Dam things really took off while clearing a farm in severe side winds. The HED 3 rear wheel with the wide wing shapes gave me a hard time and I managed to keep more or less upright, standing on one leg with the bike almost flat below me. A moment later two lampposts smash to the ground one by one right behind me. Turbulent place.
On the dam itself, just after the last pedestrians bridge, is a slight bend going somewhat downwards and after that it's 300 metres full throttle dead straight. At the end I have a quick look at the meter and notice it peaked at 77.3 km/h (48.04 mph). But there are mitigating circumstances... By now I'm 57 years old, not well trained and riding without tail fairing.
The best news: riding back home with wind force 11 to 12 right against me still doing 28 km/h steady-on. Something only recumbent riders will ever experience!
Speeding in hurricane-like conditions

Globetrotter Arthur riding through Uzbekistan

October 7th, 2013To the top

1200 Silk Road miles in 4 days on the M5 Carbon High Racer

Globetrotter Arthur riding through UzbekistanSomething completely different than his "usual" return trips to Norway's North Cape: an Uzbek organized randonneur tour following large parts of the ancient Silk Road. In these regions, a recumbent is a unusual appearance and they do not even have a name for it.... For a first impression, see this video:

youtu.be/MSOsyTFq6oM >>

Globetrotter Arthur riding through UzbekistanGlobetrotter Arthur riding through UzbekistanGlobetrotter Arthur riding through Uzbekistan
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