Stage winner Viking Tour 2014
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Report of 7th and final stage of Viking Tour 2014

July 28th, 2014To the top
Report of 7th and final stage of Viking Tour 2014By Bram Moens

Friday July 25 was the final leg of 158 km in the Viking Tour from fjord village Stryn to mountain place Vagamo. This stretch had 1850 metres of ascending. Biggest part of these was the ascent to the Gamle Strynsvegen, going up from sea level to 1150 metres. After my more or less mandatory two day rest due to intestinal problems, I really wanted to participate in the final stage. A beautiful route through one of my favourite mountain areas, in which I also painted a lot.
The morning start in Stryn coincided with the arrival of a massive thunderstorm, only to be outrun by riding really fast. That was my plan anyway, since I wanted to build up as much distance between me and the pursuing group, because of the long climb that would follow later.
With twofold stage winner en M5 team member Herke Wendt behind me we speeded with 50 km/h to the mountains. Cooling was through large showers: I enjoyed them after all these 30-plus centigrade days!!
I really noticed what two days of rest had done to my body. I raced at 95% of my maximal heart rate, realising I obviously wouldn't be able to maintain this for five hours

Result of our fast take-off was that the much younger and stronger athletes didn't pass us until we were at 700 metres. The overtaking speed was clearly lower than at the beginning of the Viking Tour. Just imagine: younger (say 30 years), stronger (400 Watt in stead of 295 Watt) en lighter riders on M5 Carbon High Racers... Any difference would simply be eliminated!!

On top of the mountain plateau a 23 km flat to 1 to 2% descending dirt road followed, featured with large potholes. And yes, in one of these I encountered a somewhat too sharp edge at 50 km/h which even my 9 bar rear tyre could not withstand. Repairing the snakebite took me 12 minutes and I had to continue with just 5 bar of pressure due to the limitations of the small hand pump. Moments later another pothole made my cellphone go airborne. The search for the four pieces of phone took me another 3 minutes.
The 70 km hidden gradient/flat route plus 200 metre bump from Grotli to Vagamo was recumbent heaven and occasionally guaranteed high top speeds.
At the end of the stage we were presented a climb of another 5 kilometres with gradients up to 14%.
Eventually I finished with five hours of cycling at place 28 of 141 participants, of which 95% being younger than I.

By the way, also this five hour ride was covered fully solo.

However, why do we do all this??

  • Climbing while using a lightweight recumbent: theoretically no different from a comparable road bike, but now also in practice: forty year old landscaper demonstrates with two victories on an M5 CHR it is indeed possible.
  • Testing durability and quality of M5 CHR frames and assembled parts under extreme circumstances

In short: if a bike like the M5 Carbon High Racer survives all the challenges at the highest level of the Viking Tour with National Norwegian Triathlon Team members amongst them you can be sure that it will also meet all your requirements during commuting, bicycle holidays or long tours.
Report of 7th and final stage of Viking Tour 2014

Herke does it again: after winning the 3th leg he now also wins the 6th leg of the Vikingtour!!

July 24th, 2014To the top

Pursuing road bikes minutes behind

Herke does it again: after winning the 3th leg he now also wins the 6th leg of the Vikingtour!!Herke Wendt again overall winner, this time of the 6th leg of the Viking Tour. After ascending for approximately 600 meters Herke maintained first position on his M5 Carbon High Racer, almost overtaken by the pursuing group of road bikes. However, directly after passing the highest point Herke plunged down the mountain again, leaving all other rider effectively behind. During the last, relatively flat part nobody managed to come even close to Herke and victory was sure.

Picture: Herke returns after the race to the accommodation of the M5 Team.

July 20: the first real leg of the Viking Tour

July 20th, 2014To the top

Yesterday the prologue

After the prologue of yesterday along 6 km of gravel road with 12 percent average ascending we had the first long leg of the Viking Tour today.
Today we had tropical circumstances: over 31 degrees centigrade. Circa 2200 metres of ascending. Bram finished after 5 hours, 11 minutes and 2 seconds. Could have been less than five hours, if Bram wouldn't have lost some time trying to find his glasses which fell out of his bag while passing a cattle grid. Herke missed a rather hidden sign and made an unwanted detour of 15 kilometres. Still, he finished about 15 minutes after Bram. Daniel was about an hour behind, suffering from the heat at Trollstigen. Harsh, beautiful route. See for details and our our Facebook page for pictures.

M5 due to vacation closed to August 23 rd

July 1st, 2014To the top
Due to participating in the Viking Tour and subsequent bicycle holiday, M5 will be closed from July 15 up to August 23. Receiving and sending packages will not be possible during this period. E-mail and telephone traffic continue uninterrupted.

High ranking for Bram Moens at Cycle Vision 2014 races

June 30th, 2014To the top
High ranking for Bram Moens at Cycle Vision 2014 racesAfter a nine year break Bram Moens took up racing again. As part of the preparation for the Viking Tour he participated in two races during Cycle Vision last weekend. Also to his own surprise he managed to get third in the final ranking in a strong field of participants. Bram did the 1 and 3-hour race on his lime green M5 Carbon High Racer. The distance covered during the 1-hour race was a superb 47.3 km, while the 3-hour race ended with 134,4 kilometres, resulting in an average speed of 45,66 km/h (bike computer: 137 km, 45.66 km/h average). Probably needless to mention that most of the other participants where 20 to 35 years younger. Striking detail was that that fully faired velomobiles couldn't really compete with unfaired, open recumbents during the one hour race. For example, Daniel Fenn did only 47 kilometres during the one hour, while racing a fully faired 3-wheeled recumbent of just 12.5 kilograms on a track which is highly suitable for velomobiles.

The remarkable achievement by the 71 year old Mike Burrows must be mentioned too: with his partly faired two-wheeled Ratracer he covered 46.9 km in an hour and during the 3-hour race a full 131.4 km. Even without any electrical assistance there's still hope for us!

Also check out for all the results, pictures and video's. Especially the pictures of Droplimits are really worthwhile!
High ranking for Bram Moens at Cycle Vision 2014 racesHigh ranking for Bram Moens at Cycle Vision 2014 racesHigh ranking for Bram Moens at Cycle Vision 2014 races
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