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Two golden, one silver and one bronze medal on Rio Paralympics with M5 2-SPOKE wheel!

September 22nd, 2016To the top

And a new worldrecord on the 500 meter standing start as well for Alyda Norbruis (NL)

Two golden, one silver and one bronze medal on Rio Paralympics with M5 2-SPOKE wheel!M5 2-SPOKE wheels are used by the worlds fastest professional bicyclists and hand-bikers. Among them the current Olympic and world champion Triathlon 2016 Jetze Plat and many more professional cyclists like world champion and two times Olympic Gold medalist Alyda Norbruis (Rio 2016). Also the TEAM.NL tandem with Vincent ter Schure and Timo Fransen have used the 2-SPOKE in the 20 km time trial with a silver medal as result.

Especially the use of the wheel in the tandem proves the strength of the wheel.

Video: Alyda Norbruis in Women's Individual Pursuit - C 1-3: qualifying

Recent article and video in the newspaper PZC (in Dutch)


New and absolute world hour record: 57.6 km ( 35,978 miles) for Matthias Konig on a custom M5 Carbon High Racer

September 18th, 2016To the top

Nice detail: 31 year old M5/Thijs front wheel...

New and absolute world hour record: 57.6 km ( 35,978 miles) for Matthias Konig on a custom M5 Carbon High RacerDid you ever managed to reach 58 km/36 mph in a short sprint? Excellent! But in this case, it was one whole hour... However: to reach 57.6 average you need to perform an almost constant 58 km/h to compensate the start. No one before cycled that fast as Matthias this afternoon on the track in Frankfurt. Even the unofficial 20-year-old hour record (56.375 km) from Chris Boardman is improved by as much as 1.225 km. That's almost five whole laps!
This was also the last record which was not yet in the hands of a recumbent. We also have to realize that Chris Boardman probably produced more than 130 watts extra compared to Matthias. This makes it even more impressive. The top speed of a person like Chris Boardman on this M5 bike will result then in an astonishing 65 km or 40.4 miles. One w h o l e hour ...

Stunning new wheel!

September 10th, 2016To the top
Stunning new wheel!

New world hour record for M5!

June 28th, 2016To the top

Matthias Konig covers an astonishing 56.15 km in one hour or 34.9 miles on a special M5 bike

New world hour record for M5!
Matthias on the M5 bike during the world hour record ride
Image: DropLimits
After several test sessions Matthias improved the 2011 one-hour record to a staggering 56,150 kilometres. His successful attempt in Buttgen was performed on the specially build M5 MOEKOKKEN recumbent, an ultra reclined Carbon Low Racer. This bike was build in a rush by Bram in 2011, because by then time was pressing already, Bram being 55 years old. In October 2011 a first attempt was done in Apeldoorn, but it didn't take long to realise that the special position on the bike took more time to adjust than the mere four weeks prior.

Last year Matthias Konig contacted M5 with the question if he could borrow the bike for a record attempt, a request which was granted happily.

The most amazing aspect of this record is the extremely low energy requirement of this bike, just above 300 Watt! For comparison: twee weeks ago I was present at wheel tests at a velodrome and an Olympic racing cyclist had to generate 360 Watt on a time trial bike just to get to 46 km/h. Matthias is capable to produce 350 to 360 Watt during an hour, provided he's adapted enough. So, there's more to come!

Gold medal for Jetze Plat during EC in Oostende, Belgium

May 21st, 2016To the top

Italian ex Formula 1 driver Zanardi now defeated for the first time since 2011

Gold medal for Jetze Plat during EC in Oostende, Belgium
Image: Tom Skulander
It was the ultimate challenge for Jetze: beating Zanardi, highly admired by Jetze and his fellow athletes. Last year Jetze rode minutes behind him and others during time trials. Now Jetze took the lead and was racing alone in front! The speed difference with last year is around 3 to 4 kilometres. On the one hand this is the result of the much lower weight (reduced by 4.5 kg), but especially by the fact that I have minimized the dimensions of the frame, making it as tight as possible, constructing the frame tubes close around him. The enormous aluminium tray on his previous aluminium bike was realy a wind catcher. On the new carbon M5 Handbike there's no tray at all saving surface area and reducing a lot of turbulence.
Lastly, some nice gimmicks were added, like special carbon aerocranks. After all, these are a lot longer on a handbike and exposed to the wind.
On the stretches with a little tailwind Jetze was able to keep his speed around 56 km per hour. Arm power only!
Jetze currently delivers around 290 Watt. That's pretty close to what I have left now in my legs... When riding my world record in 1994, I generated an average of 333 Watt, which has by now, 22 years later, close to my 60th birthday, dropped to approximately 300 Watt.

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