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December 22nd, 2015To the top
WinterbreakThe M5 showroom is closed until january the 22nd.Phone and e-mails are as normal. Shipping and receiving of parcels is postponed until that date. The coming period will be used for oilpainting, photographing and the realisation of new designed 3D bike(parts)models.
More information coming soon!

South Korean M5 CHR customers

October 26th, 2015To the top
South Korean M5 CHR customersSouth Korea also has an enthusiast recumbent community as shown by these mainly M5 Carbon High Racer customers.

Images taken in Seoul surrounding
South Korean M5 CHR customersSouth Korean M5 CHR customers

And another sunny one from Dieppe in France...

October 26th, 2015To the top
And another sunny one from Dieppe in France...M5 M-Racer from multiple M5 customer Daniel Gonano in France

Mont Ventoux, downhill 107 km / h (66.5 mph) with the M5 Carbon High Racer

October 6th, 2015To the top

... a true story from France by Patrick Proesmans

Mont Ventoux, downhill 107 km / h (66.5 mph)  with the M5 Carbon High RacerEvery year we plan a week cycling holiday with some friends in May. Last year we booked a five-days vacation in Bedoin at the foot of Mont Ventoux. This is the only time that my road bike friends have a chance to beat me ... Four racing bikes from 6 to 8 kg at the start against my red M5 Carbon High Racer which just hits 9 kg.

However, the weight difference between the riders is much greater. I am unfortunately the one whith the lowest exercise and I still put 87 kg on the scales while only 1.76 m (5 feet, 10 inch.) ...
The other four are all well trained and weigh all under 80 kg. Bedoin, at the typical starting place, the fountain, to the summit via Chalet Renard is about 21 km. The summit is above 1,900 meters in the lonely desolate moonscape.

The verdict, two men before me, guys who continuously train all year round, and two men of normal caliber behind me. So I was third up in two hours 17 minutes and was given my bad condition quite happy with that. A few years ago, and 10 kg less, I have just driven within two hours of the same route with my recumbent. Then downhill to Malaucene ... haha, that was my specialty of course. After allready half a minute I saw the four musketeers disappearing from my mirror. They drove around 65 to 70 km per hour on the straights where I had to brake constantly in order not to exceed 90 km/h

Suddenly I saw a road bike that apparently knew every bend and corner up there. This had to be someone from the neighborhood, the man threw himself at every turn and made himself as small as possible. Since I did not know the terrain very well, we were on the steepest slopes fairly close together. I reached him easily and biked away smoothly when it went straight but every corner I braked much harder than him so he came back a little bit closer.

After about 5 km the slope began to sink below 10 percent and the straightaways were longer. I could therefore safely let my bike do the rest and leave him behind... 107 km per hour (66.5 mph) I looked up on my Garmin GPS watch, the local boy was gone. As I waited in the village of Malaucene this guy arrived about 10 minutes later and stopped beside me.

I was looking in the window of a bicycle shop and he spoke to me in French. It was indeed a local and he told me that in the past 20 years while climbing and descending dozens of times each summer this Mont Ventoux no one did ever overtook him. His nickname was apparently Roi de la Montagne which means as much as king of the mountain.

Oh poor him ... I almost felt guilty. Quite funny that this avid racer, who had never seen a recumbent in his whole life, had to capitulate allready the first time...

Last six super neat M5 fairings available!

October 5th, 2015To the top

A high-tech fairing for the price of a bicycle wheel

Last six super neat M5 fairings available! The history of these fairings goes back to the early nineties during a collaboration between M5 and the Technical University of Delft, department aerodynamics.
The performance of this fairing at 250 Watt is 72.6 km/h or 45.12 mph (level road, no wind).
These values are measured officially in 1995 in the windtunnel Marknesse (NL)

Besides using it as a bike fairing they are particularly suitable for schoolprojects etc. who are working on a project like thrift races. The fairings can be adapted with a little effort to a three-wheeled vehicle, whether or not supported electrically.

This highly robust and neat constructed fairings are constructed of fiberglass/polyester and finished with a beautiful shiny gelcoat in light or darker sea green.

The dimensions of the fairings are: 260 x 91 x 54.5 cm. (L x h x b). Weight is around 7 kg.

Price per piece for this special fairing is only 650 Euro!!
Last six super neat M5 fairings available! Last six super neat M5 fairings available! Last six super neat M5 fairings available!
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