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Golden Jubileum Bram Brakes

November 22nd, 2008To the top

Just in time for christmas shopping...

Golden Jubileum Bram BrakesIntroducing our 24-carat gold plated brake sets. These brakes are the absolute technical top: Stiff and superlightweight. This special edition is a durable and precious addition to every racing bike.

And they are sooo beautiful!

Next week on our site: Matching wheelsets with golden hubs.

Contact us for pricing.

Golden Jubileum Bram Brakes

It will come fast, if it 's good.

October 29th, 2008To the top
It will come fast, if it 's good.24 October 2008, 13.45 uur. Gert Jan steps off his M5 Carbon High Racer. He just managed 50,3926 km p/h for one hour. He is the new World hour record king! The old record is smashed with two and a half kilometers p/h. The crowd clapped and cheered. Observers make a deep bow.

Gert Jan! You did 54 kmh in the last lap!
"Yeah sure! I can go even faster!" says Gert Jan.

It is hard to believe that the bike that we ride to work, is the fastest bike in the world. The bike that we use for our shoppings is faster than the fastest Low Racers!

You know what: We challenge you. The first man or woman to surpass Gert Jan s WRRA unfaired record on his own shopping bike (and that can also be an M5 Carbon High Racer..) wins a set of Gold plated M5 Bram Brakes with a value of 999,- Euros. We don 't think we have to wrap them up already..

Gert Jan: Congratulations!
Everybody who joined the party: Thanks!

We dare you!


Mission accomplished - 50,392 km in one hour!

October 12th, 2008To the top

October 24 2008: Gert Jan Wijers rides a new world record

Mission accomplished - 50,392 km in one hour!Large picture: Gert Jan doing his warming up

Small pictures, left to right:

1. The record bike is waiting for action. Impressive detail: this bike has a front wheel that has been designed and manufactured by M5 over 20 years ago. Still doing service!
2. The smooth, new and shielded 250 metre bike track in Alkmaar (Netherlands)
3. Track inspection
4. Gert Jan and family after the record is set
5. Gert Jan Wijers: the new world record keeper
6. Gert Jan with proud daughters
7. The oldest just a bit too short
8. Youth has the future!

What took place before - the test ride of October 10

13.00 hours. Gert Jan Wijers mounts his M5 Carbon High Racer and clicks into his pedals. He rides his first rounds on the track of Alkmaar (Netherlands). In two weeks it's going to take place: his attempt to break the world hour record unfaired which is currently 47,8 km.
A bit surprised we watch his round times: 17,2, 17,1. Has he lost his mind? Nope, Gert Jan didn't loose his mind, in stead he races with the steadiness of a metronome: 51 km/h round after round!

After 45 minutes Gert Jan stops. The average speed is then more than 50 km/hour.

"Yes", he says, "that last quarter of an hour should be okay too". Well, that has proved to be a correct assumption!

Mission accomplished - 50,392 km in one hour!Mission accomplished - 50,392 km in one hour!Mission accomplished - 50,392 km in one hour!Mission accomplished - 50,392 km in one hour!Mission accomplished - 50,392 km in one hour!Mission accomplished - 50,392 km in one hour!Mission accomplished - 50,392 km in one hour!Mission accomplished - 50,392 km in one hour!

We almost forgot, but... M5 Recumbents celebrates its 25th anniversary at the end of this year!

August 5th, 2008To the top

Twenty-five years of development and production and a lot of (world) records!

We almost forgot, but... M5 Recumbents celebrates its 25th anniversary at the end of this year!Knowledge of materials, geometry, aerodynamics and ergonomics has been collected in the years since 1983. In the very first years M5 developed the notorious 28/20 and 28/26, which became swiftly an absolute norm in the early recumbent scene. These same bicycles can still be encountered on the road, but since then the assortment has been expanding significantly. Not only in terms of model types, but also in materials. In the early years M5 was already unique in using chrome molybdenum alloy as frame material. In the years that followed titanium and carbon were integrated increasingly in the designs.
Apart from (and thanks to) the ongoing insistence to innovate, numerous national, European en world records have been set with both recumbents and handbikes. The truly unique of this situation is that the design, the construction and the records themselves were usually done by one person (Bram Moens)! Through the years an increasing number of other people established records on M5 Recumbents as well. A remarkable facts is that all these records have been set while riding perfectly normal production bikes! Still available for everyone!
The design and construction of the record fairings was always in coorporation with rowingbike builder Derk Thijs from Middelburg. Derk had more experience with working with plastics and fibers, while Bram was more familiair with light weight steel products. Combining both skills let to a successful collaboration and nowadays they're both highly experienced with these different routines.
Because of the ongoing search for other, better solutions and materials M5 still belongs to the top of recumbent manufacturers in the world. Important aspect is integrating existing first-rate technologies in the recumbent and component range, like the extremely light weight carbon and aluminium parts.

The future? Continue the development! Were innovation will lead to is hard to tell. Who would have suspected ten years ago that M5 would be developing and producing the lightest bike components in the world? But now the M5 lightweight components are applied on a wide range of high end bicycles, like racing and MTB bikes and recumbents.

M5 logo on high rims

July 29th, 2008To the top
M5 logo on high rimsSoon on our high rims: a transfer of the M5 logo. The silver logo is made from retro reflective material.
M5 logo on high rimsM5 logo on high rims
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